Play as a S.P.A.C.E. (Space Power Action Committee Emancipator) dedicated to overthrowing the Space Fox Empire and saving the Kitten Faction.  Use your dual blaster weapon to traverse the level, destroy enemies, and save kittens!  Defeat multiple bosses to free the space kittens from the tyranny of the evil Space Fox Empire and bring peace to this sector.

Note: I recommend downloading the game as the executable version will run better than the web version.


Mouse movement

Mouse click


Click to shoot and navigate the level.  Tap kittens to have them follow you; lead them back to their home planet.

The Dev Team:

Aesc - Programming, Art, Design

COSofZero - Programming, UI Design

Benedict - Music, Sound Effects

Install instructions

Download the game to somewhere you can remember.  Unzip and run S.P.A.C.E Force.exe.  Have fun!


S.P.A.C.E 50 MB


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My cat would approve of this game.