Analysis Video

Video talking about some things that went right and some things I could have done better on this project.

What went right

  • Good pacing of mechanic introduction.
  • Sound effects synced with music to enhance gameplay.

Could have been improved

  • Do pixel art instead of tile graphics to improve flashiness.
  • Find a way to help the player remember what each tile does, something like a log book or tutorial text.
  • Design the levels to visually feel more distinct from one another, as they all pretty much play the same.
  • Tile art can't show action so screenshots looked lifeless rather than action packed.
  • Having to download the game limits the number of people that access the game.
  • Dark color scheme makes everything more dull and less exciting.
  • Lighting with desaturated floors makes it hard to see where the floor actually is.

I was pretty happy with this game at the time as I was able to practice level design, though there was room for improvement in a few other areas.

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